Face Filler Absorbable Collagen Protein Thread Face Lift Plump Silk Fibroin Line Carving Anti Aging Essence
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Face Filler Absorbable Collagen Protein Thread Face Lift Plump Silk Fibroin Line Carving Anti Aging Essence

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Origin: Mainland China

Number of Pieces: One Unit

Item Type: Face Serum

Ingredient: silk protein

Gender: Female


Formulation: Liquid

Feature: Anti-Aging

Country/Region of Manufacture: China

Certification: GZZZ

Brand Name: NoEnName_Null

No Neddle Anti Aging Gold Protein Thread Lifting Face Line Carved

Silk fibroin line extracted from silk protein line with high purity. This silk fibroin has strong elasticity, good toughness, is insoluble in water, and is highly consistent with the skin fiber structure. It is a kind of lytic enzyme extracted from the body of silkworm. The protein line is fully dissolved into a liquid state, and is introduced into the dermis layer by the instrument. Under the action of the skin temperature, the liquid silk fibroin turns into a solid silk fibroin, thereby firmly pulling a stretch net in the skin, giving the skin a powerful force. Support, while stimulating the skin's fibrosis, deep into the dermis, stimulate collagen regeneration and elastic fiber reorganization, regenerate the connective tissue scaffold for sustained support, while the skin restores elasticity and fine lines disappear

The Best way to Use Protein Lines:

1. Open skin pores with warm water (remove makeup and use facial cleanser)
2: Warm soaking of essence (water temperature is about 40°) can reduce skin discomfort caused by cold, and help the product to be absorbed more effectively. Applying hot towel to the face for 3 to 5 minutes to open pores is conducive to absorption. If there is a face evaporator or an introduction device at home, the effect will be better.
3: During the wiring process, the essence will be sprayed to the skin to flow the state of wiring

4: The wiring process ensures that the protein wire is straightened and tightly placed at the location of the skin that needs wiring.
5: Give the white line of sufficient essence absorption and dissolution time for five minutes, and the protein line will be transparent!Reach the skin to absorb optimal condition.

6: The remaining part of the protein line, gently pat, beat the gold protein line, in the massage absorption.(beat - massage - pull) so that the absorption of protein line will not appear poor, pilling phenomenon!